Meet The Crew

Melanie Grady - Owner - Maker - Artist:
I live and work in Lewisville, TX (part of the DFW metroplex) with my family of 9. Seven family members have paws. I began my career in elementary education focusing on pediatric counseling when I discovered my own therapeutic outlet for the stress of graduate school - painting. This started in 2012 with refinishing vintage furniture using CeCe Caldwell's Paints and has developed over the years into a full-time business building furniture and home decor. This business keeps my life full, busy, and beautiful especially with the help of coffee and doggie cuddles. Ever the teacher, I love learning new techniques and skills, which means new products and services are added every year.
Luke - Customer Service Representative:
Luke is an integral part of the staff at Rustic Tids & Bits. He and I have worked side by side for the last 6 years. He specializes in putting finishing touches on my work, leads the company in bone consumption, and is the ultimate team player giving snuggles whenever momma needs them. His daily salary is paid in chicken & rub downs.